Welcome to 112 Pompano Beach Drive

Some important information about the home you are staying in

Villa4UFlorida would like to wish you a very warm welcome to your vacation home here in Orlando in the Walt Disney area. The following information has been written to assist you during your time here in your home and throughout your vacation whilst you stay with us here at Villa4UFlorida.

Please take a few minutes to read through the information presented on this webpage as it outlines many of the guidelines whilst staying in a Villa4UFlorida home and should answer most of your questions that you may have, but of course, if you have any additional questions please feel free to call us on the numbers listed below or you can always send an email to bookings@villa4uflorida.com

Villa4UFlorida office hours are:

09:00 - 17:00 Monday - Friday
Closed: Saturday & Sunday

Please only contact us outside of these hours if it is an emergency. As managing agents for the owner of this property, it is our aim to provide you with a comfortable, clean and trouble-free home for the duration of your stay. Our staff are always close by and happy to help so if we are not at our office, we are nearly always able to be reached by telephone.

The office telephone number is: +1 407 965 5093

Please feel free to contact us should you have any problems, concerns or requests. However please take into consideration the nature of your call if you intend on calling us outside of normal business hours. "Walt Disney World Orlando" ticket sellerPlease feel free to contact us should you have any problems, concerns or requests. However please take into consideration the nature of your call if you intend on calling us outside of normal business hours. We are here to help but as far as possible please limit non-business hour calls to emergencies only. Below is a phone number you can reach a member of the Villa4UFlorida team who will always be on call outside of business hours. For your guidance we have listed below some examples of what constitutes an emergency and what does not constitute an emergency. VILLA4UFL EMERGENCY NUMBER: +1 352 613 0710 Non emergency issues: Telephone number requests. Directions to theme parks, shopping malls etc. Minor maintenance issues. ie Light bulb changes, squeaky door. Pool or Spa heating requests. BBQ requests. A single blocked toilet (please use plunger provided). TV reception problems. Internet connectivity. Interruption of telephone service. Emergency issues: Fire. Power outage. Water outage. Water leaks. Lockouts - (Locksmith charge may be applicable) Please note that we do observe the following American holidays: Easter Weekend: Closed Memorial Day Weekend: Closed Independence Day: Closed Labor Day Weekend: Closed Thanksgiving Day: Closed Christmas Day: Closed New Years Day: Closed As with all properties, there are going to be matters needing attention from time to time and it is only with your help and co-operation that we can rectify problems as soon as they are discovered. We would therefore appreciate you advising us of anything in the house which you feel is not in good order and requires attention. – Or if anything you think should be in the home – but isn’t. Letting us know on departure certainly helps us put things right for the next arriving guests, but we would rather help you enjoy the home to its full extent too! Please don’t be afraid to ask. Thank you and we hope you enjoy your stay. Check in time is after 16:00 in the afternoon Check out time is strictly 10.00 in the morning If a late check out is required please contact the office during opening hours on +1 407 965 5093 and we will do our best to accommodate you. We do require at least 48 hours notice as we have to re-arrange cleaning schedules. However, please be aware a late check out cannot always be guaranteed, and a fee will be charged. Where incoming guests are scheduled to arrive on your day of departure and you do not have approval for a late check out a fee will be incurred if you do not depart promptly. This could be anything up to one nights extra stay in addition to the housekeepers waiting time who will be there promptly at 10:00am. Registration Procedures WITH VILLA4U: If you have booked directly through Villa4UFlorida please can you ensure, if you have not already done so, you fully complete a registration form. This is required by Florida Law. Please visit our offices to complete the registration form. If the registration form is not completed at our offices within 24 hours of arrival (or by prior arrangement) there may be a call out charge of $25 to call by and collect the paperwork. Security deposit deductions In most instances no charges are applied to either your credit card or security deposit. However, listed below are some reasons why charges may occur, and if there is to be a charge then either yourself, the home owner or your booking agent will always be notified by Villa4UFlorida before hand depending on how you have made your reservation. Credit card details are kept ‘on hold’ for up to 30 days after your arrival. This is to ensure that the home is fully inventoried after your departure for missing items and damages. Some reasons in which charges may occur: Smoking inside the property. Damage to the home and/or inventory items. Missing inventory items. Excessive garbage left in the home or improper use of. Or failure to use the trash collection facilities and collection days. Late check out without prior arrangement. Vomit, used diapers, used sanitary items, discarded medical items left for the cleaners to remove. BBQ cleaning not done by departure. Bent or broken pool pole and net head. Holes or tears in pool screen enclosure. Coins/other metal objects/toys/trash etc at the bottom of the pool. Stained linens and towels (bleach/blood/drinks etc). Animals in the property. Loss of keys. guidelines We respectfully request that all guests read and adhere to the following guidelines. Please be aware that Sunset Ridge is both a holiday and residential community and although we do expect you to enjoy yourself whilst using the facilities, we ask that you please keep noise levels to a minimum when entering and leaving the property. Please note that there is a “quiet time” enforced by the local Sherriff’s Department to ensure everyone on vacation has a great time. Typically this is 10pm to 8am but there may be some variation between communities. When enjoying the outside facilities during these times please try and keep noise to a minimum so that you do not disturb your neighbors. In the event of any emergency situation or upon the discovery of any broken or damaged items within the villa we ask that you immediately report your finding to the management team on the following number +1 407 965 5093. You are respectfully requested not to use any bleach products in this property. You will be charged for any bleach damage caused to linens, towels, carpets or any other item. Suntan lotions are another common cause of stains to linens and furniture so please remove all lotions by showering or bathing before going to bed or sitting on the furniture. We know accidents happen, but we ask that you please be careful, especially with certain juices, which stain as these cannot be extracted from the carpets. Please call us on +1 407 965 5093 if you do stain the carpet or any soft furnishings as this is the cheapest and most effective way of removal. We have a number of experts on hand to deal with these exact incidents. Thank you. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REMOVE THE STAIN YOURSELF AS THIS COULD CAUSE PERMANENT DAMAGE. Please try to park all vehicles in the spaces provided outside of the property. Please do not let any vehicle overhang the public footpath as this will cause an obstruction to pedestrians and may cause injury. Please do not park on the grassed areas to the sides of the driveway as this will also damage the hidden plastic irrigation pipes which are located directly beneath the grass at shallow level. These are designed to pop up to spray the lawn at designated times during the week. If a vehicle is parked on top of them this will not work and can be costly to repair. All items and equipment found within the villa are for your use, we do however, ask that you do not tamper with or remove any display items. This home is strictly no smoking therefore please do not smoke in the villa. Charges for smoking inside the home can result in fines up to $1,000. The air conditioning control panel is pre set to suit your comfort. In very warm conditions we recommend that the temperature setting should not be set below 72 degrees fahrenheit. The control panel is highly sensitive and frequent temperature adjustments may cause damage. This will not only be unpleasant whilst awaiting repair but will also incur the relevant costs. All doors and windows must remain closed at all times whilst air conditioning is in use, this enables it to maintain the programmed temperature. Doors and windows left open may result in the air conditioning unit breaking down due to excessive pressure on the system to maintain the programmed temperature. This is a self catering property. After any initial supplies have been used up you need to supply trash bags, soaps, detergent, paper products etc. TRASH The trash for 325 Knollwood Drive is collected from the curbside every Monday morning in the black trash bins provided in the bin store by the side of the house. Trash cans must be put back in the bin store by 7:00 am the next day and must be stored by the side of the house when its not collection day. The recycling is collected from the curbside every Friday and the same rules apply. The HOA will check on the following day at 07:00 and impose an immediate $75 fine for which you are responsible if the bins are not in the bin store. Please accept our apologies for this inconvenience this may cause however, these rules are imposed by local authorities and not the homeowners. All trash should be bagged and placed in the trash bin and not thrown in loose. Any trash left inside the house incurs a $75 charge for removal. Excess trash is also charged at $75 for removal. Recycling waste can be thrown in the large trash can loose and can be paper, cardboard and aluminium products. Not Glass. Do not place trash in the recycling. It will not be taken and charges will apply. air conditioning The air conditioning system is fully automatic. The fan switch should be set to AUTO, the temperature switch to COOL and the thermostat lever positioned with its center at the desired temperature, usually between 75 and 80 during the spring summer and autumn. The temperature should not be below 72 degrees Fahrenheit as there is a risk of freezing the AC unit causing damage and guests will be charged for resulting repairs to the air conditioning unit due to misuse. If, in winter, the heating is at any time required, move the temperature switch to heat and choose the desired temperature, usually somewhere between 65 and 75. For the air-conditioning unit to operate correctly it is imperative that all the windows, sliding patio doors and the outside doors are closed. If this home is fitted with an AUTOMATIC CUT OUT UNIT, the AC will switch off whenever the patio door is opened. If the air conditioning fails to operate please contact us – however if it is found that these directions have not been adhered to charges may be made. INSECTS AND PESTS Florida is a tropical State and although stringent pest control is regularly carried out in and around this house, insects and small creatures are inevitable. To discourage pests inside the home we ask that you do not leave out food, dirty dishes or glasses. Food should be kept covered in the refrigerator. Keep all doors and windows closed and contain food to the dining and kitchen areas. Whilst most of the various insects and pests are harmless, it is advisable that handling of any species should be avoided. Cockroaches are a common household pest in Florida, though they are generally found outdoors they can enter the homes themselves on occassion or be carried indoors. Outdoor cockroaches do not survive well indoors and many times people overreact to the presence of them. Often, removal of these cockroaches from the house is all that is needed for control. PEST CONTROL We have an all year round contract with our Pest Control Company who are on call through business hours in case you do encounter any problems with pests in and around the home. As soon as you discover any quantity of ants, roaches or other unwelcome guests anywhere in the property, please call +1 407 965 5093. Shortly after a treatment you may see more pests than before. This is quite common as the spraying tends to flush them out but they will die within a few hours. Professional spraying does not normally kill the insects instantly unlike the over the counter remedies intended for that sole purpose. Professional spraying is intended to treat the source of the problem, not individual insects. This is achieved by insects entering the sprayed area and then carrying the pesticide back to their hiding places, it takes a little longer this way but in the long run it is better as more insects are treated. Common snakes Florida has an abundance of snake species, about 45 in total. Out of the 45 species only 6 are venemous. So that would leave 39 species and 41 subspecies that are non venomous and harmless. If you do see a snake then please just leave it alone and walk away, they will most likely slither off and leave you in peace. The most common snake that you will see is the long thin shiny black racer which is totally harmless. It is very rare but if you do see a snake in your swimming pool, please call the management company straight away. SUPPLIES You will find initial small quantities of household supplies such as dishwashing tablets, paper towels, toilet paper, garbage bags etc. Other items are not as a general rule supplied and it is therefore the responsibility of the renters to obtain. Replacement light bulbs are our responsibility and, if not in the house, should be requested when necessary. WASTE DISPOSAL UNIT If using the waste disposal unit in the sink, please run the tap water before during and after the operation. The power switch is on the wall close to the sink area. Do not clog the unit by putting into it items such as banana skins, onions, cigarette ends, tea bags, celery, bones or anything made of glass or metal and never operate the waste disposal unit for longer than 20 seconds at a time. Please refrain from pouring hot grease into the waste disposal unit. NEVER, EVER, EVER PUT YOUR FINGERS INTO THE WASTE DISPOSAL UNIT WHILST IT IS IN OPERATION. If an item needs to be retrieved from the inside of the unit, switch it off first. If, after clearing a blockage the unit does not operate press the reset button on the underside of the disposal cylinder underneath the sink. Any misuse of the disposal unit will be chargeable STOVE / COOKER To use the stove, push in the knob and turn it to the desired temperature strength. To use the oven, select, bake, this activates the bottom element. Select the desired temperature. (Please remember the temperatures are in farenheit and not celcius). To grill turn the selector knob to broil, select the desired temperature and leave the oven door ajar. For safety, ensure that no pan handles are facing forward or outward and remove all items, once cooled, from the top of the stove when no longer in use. WASHER / DRYER / DISHWASHER Only use automatic dishwashing detergent in the dishwasher. Never ever use household cleaning or liquid soap products. This will cause the machine to over fill and flood the floor, this will then be a chargeable repair. Please ensure that the door is correctly closed and that cutlery does not rest on the base of the dishwasher or it could cause severe damage. Please do not overload the washing machine or dryer. This may cause it to be knocked off of its axis and will then require maintenance. Please separate colors from whites. Colors should be washed in cooler water and whites in warmer water. Do not use bleach on colored clothes or colored towels. When turning on the machine, turn to the right until you reach the desired setting and (dependent on the model) the knob will need to be pushed or pulled gently to start. Always empty the lint screen in the dryer after every use. Please remember that the wrong setting can permanently shrink your clothing. Check individual labels on clothing before drying. REFRIGERATOR This is pre-set at the maximum efficiency setting so please do not adjust the switch. Often the fridge will have an ice making compartment. To turn on press the lever down. Once you have sufficient ice, lift the lever up. TOILETS TOILETS ARE ONLY DESIGNED TO ACCEPT HUMAN WASTE AND TOILET PAPER Other items such as disposal diapers, sanitary towels, cotton buds etc., will almost certainly block the waste pipe, which if you cannot clear the blockage with a plunger, can result in a plumber having to be called at your expense. If water does not stop running through the toilet please advise us immediately on +1 407 965 5093. MICROWAVE There is a microwave unit in the kitchen. Please only insert microwaveable food and crockery and check that the time you have set is correct for the cooking you are doing. TELEVISIONs The property is supplied with cable television. However, please note that the number of channels available in this area is dependent on the type of package that the owner has chosen to have. You should be able to receive a clear picture at all time. If this is not the case, please call us on +1 407 965 5093 SECURITY Although uncommon burglaries do occasionally occur. Please follow the same commonsense procedures that you do at home and there should be no problems during your stay here. Whenever you leave the property please make sure that all the doors and windows are locked. Exit by the front door only. Please use the security alarm at the property provided for your peace of mind. Be sure to lock your vehicles when they are left anywhere unattended. Dont leave anything on show in your vehicles or at the home. Most burglaries are carried out by opportunists who see laptops, cell phones or money left in plain sight and decide to act on the spur of the moment. If you do return home or to your vehicle and and notice anything suspicious then please call 911 immediately. Do not enter the home or the vehicle until it has been checked out. If anyone knocks on your door unexpectedly and you are suspicious about them or their motives, do not let them in. If they claim to be from the management company please call the office on +1 407 965 5093. We will not be offended if you ask us to wait on the doorstep and wait for you to call to verify it is us. Local Sherriffs numbers can be found later on in this booklet. IN CASE OF FIRE The house is equipped with smoke detectors throughout the home and there is a fire extinguisher for your use both upstairs and downstairs. Please make yourself aware of their locations within the property. In the event of a fire, the building should be evacuated via the nearest exit. All occupants should assemble in a safe area across the road so that a check can be made for any missing persons. The emergency services should be contacted by telephoning 911 from any telephone. If there is a genuine fire in the house, and only if safe, use the fire extinguisher provided. There is an extinguisher on each level of the villa. Remember never to use water on a grease or electrical fire and do have a pot lid around when cooking in case you have to smother a grease fire. If there is a major fire, get out of the house fast and dial 911 from a neighbor’s house phone or by using a cell phone if you have one with you. Villa4Uflorida should be notified as soon as possible. It is a Federal offense to tamper with or disconnect any smoke detectors. Please note that a smoke alarm cannot be switched off manually. You should be aware that smoke alarms are very sensitive and any smoke of any kind in the house will cause them to be activated. For example burning toast, an overheated pot or pan or cooking on the stove without turning on the hood. Smoke alarms are distributed throughout the home. They work on batteries which are replaced every six months. Occasionally when the battery is faulty or the battery is running on low power the smoke alarms make a “beeping” or “chirping” noise, sometimes it will be an intermittent noise or it can be a continuous noise. Please be kind enough to report this to our office immediately so that we can send maintenance by to replace. Do not attempt to disconnect the devices in any way. HEALTH AND SAFETY HINTS In the event of a thunderstorm, it is best to move all guests inside the house and please DO NOT USE THE SWIMMING POOL. Refrain from using any electrical appliances including the telephone, until the severe weather has passed over. If the worst of the severe weather such as a hurricane is imminent in this area do keep tuned to a local television station for further updates and advice. In the very unlikely event that you ever sight a tornado, the official advice is not to watch or film it but move inside the house to a small interior room, kneel down and cover your head with your arms until you feel it has passed by. Outside, watch where you are standing, ants can cause quite nasty bites if you let them crawl up your legs! If you are walking in wooded areas, especially wetlands, make sure that you cover you arms and legs with appropriate clothing and use insect repellent. When near lakes, ponds, and other watery areas be aware that there could be a small snake out there somewhere. Do not leave children unattended in grassy areas. To be bitten by a snake in Florida is a rare occurrence however should it happen, as with any emergency, Dial 911 immediately. It is imperative that the person bitten is taken to hospital at once. Wherever there is water there is always a danger for Alligators. Do not walk near the water’s edge of lakes or drainage ponds – only swim in designated swimming areas or swimming pools. Take care at all times when swimming in the pool. Children must not under any circumstances, be left unattended in the pool area. If you do not have a pool at home, please understand that, although wonderful to have, swimming pool accidents result in the largest single cause of death for small children in the state of Florida. It only takes a few seconds for a small child to run, or a baby to crawl, from the house and fall into the pool. Make it a house rule to never leave the patio door open if no adults from your party are in close attendance at the pool. Do not allow any of your party to dive into the pool as it is not deep enough for diving. POOL Rules & Regulations No diving into the pool and no running around the deck. All children and non-swimmers must be observed and be supervised by a responsible adult swimmer at all times. Never swim with a pool cover partially in place, as it is possible to become trapped beneath it. Remove the cover completely before using the pool. Do not allow any glassware in the pool or onto the pool deck. Ensure that children leave the pool to visit the bathroom. Do not alter or attempt to alter any of the settings of the pool equipment, such as the timers, filters or heater. The pool heater may only be used if paid for. Electric heaters cannot operate if the air temperature falls below 55 degrees Fahrenheit. If the home owner has provided a pool blanket this must be used especially overnight to help retain some of the heat. Remove all floating devices, toys etc from the pool after swimming so that the filter system does not get clogged. Do not allow soap or shampoo into the pool. They are harmful to the water quality and will involve the complete shutdown of the system before it can be used again. Do not enter the pool with sun-tan oil on as the water surface will become unpleasantly smeary. After a swim, dry off completely before entering the house. Topless sunbathing is against Florida Law. Do not urinate in the pool, this is unsanitary and neutralizes the pool chemicals. The level of the water in the pool should be mid way between the tile. Should the water level drop below the tile please inform the office immediately. Low water levels can severely damage the pool equipment. A hose is provided for your use should the level need to be topped up. Using this pool is strictly at your own risk. It is a condition of renting this property that you accept that neither the homeowner nor the management company can be held responsible for any accident, injury or illness sustained whilst staying at this property. Please keep in mind that if you lock the screen doors during the day you will deny access to the pool area and delay any scheduled cleaning or necessary chemicals to keep the pool healthy. Please do not be alarmed if you see a technician suddenly appear in your pool area! He will be calling once a week to check the water quality and add the necessary chemicals to ensure its cleanliness. If you notice a change in the color of the pool please contact our office. When it has been heavy rain or wind you may see sand, dirt or small bugs in the pool, do not be worried by this, the water is still safe to swim in and the automatic circulation of the pool will dispose of it. There is a net provided for you to clean the dirt from the top of the pool. In the evening please do not leave the pool light on overnight as it encourages bugs into the pool screen area. Please remember the quiet times on Sunset Ridge are between 10.00 p.m. and 8.00 a.m. Glass, when broken, is dangerous, impossible to locate and remove from the pool – The charges for draining the pool and removing such glass will be a minimum of $750. FOR YOUR SAFETY PLEASE ONLY USE PLASTIC CONTAINERS IN THE POOL AREA Coins and other metal objects (such as hair clips) can rust and stain overnight. Rust cannot be removed without causing damage to the pool deck and lining. Gum and rubber (such as burst balloons) will bake on the hot deck and cannot be removed. Enjoy eating out on the pool deck area, but please remember that any morsels left behind will attract the local wildlife. SPA Please be aware that they are used at your own risk. It is recommended that persons with heart problems or are pregnant do not use these facilities. It is also suggested that children do not use the spa and that you spend no longer than 15 minutes at one time. The spa is not a hot tub. Typically the spa will only be the same temperature as the pool but with the addition of bubbles. PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN ENTERING AND GETTING OUT OF THE SPA AS THE FLOOR CAN BECOME VERY SLIPPERY POOL & SPA EQUIPMENT AND CONTROLS Our maintenance staff look after the swimming pool controls to the side and exterior of the property. The filter system is set to come on each morning and go off in the evening. It is not necessary for the pool to be running to enjoy the pool. This pool is set to run for 12 hours a day typically from 08:30am / 09:00am until 20:30pm / 21:00pm. We respectfully ask that you do not tamper with any of the specialist pool equipment or pool heating switches. Any damages resulting from touching this delicate equipment will result in charges being made. SPA Switch The air blower for the spa can be turned on by a switch by the gate on the laft hand sode of the pool deck as you go out onto the pool deck. Pool Heat During the cooler months of the year (Mid October to late April) pool heating is recommended. Please note that the management company cannot be held responsible for the pool heater not being able to reach temperature due to external weather conditions. If the external temperatures drop below 55 degrees in the evening the pool heater will not start until after the external temperature rises. This is a safety feature built into the pool heater. In these circumstances it is not possible to refund the cost of pool heating. No Exceptions. pool & Spa blankets If the homeowner has provided a pool and spa blanket, these are provided to keep the temperature of the water as warm as possible and should be used at night by all guests especially between the months of October - April. It will require 2 people to place this on the water safely. MESH POOL SCREENING Please note that the mesh pool screening is extremely delicate and rips easily. Please can you ensure that you do no lean against it or throw/kick balls against it as it is very costly to repair and charges will be incurred. POOL SECURITY Please take care when opening patio doors, security alarms are fixed to all windows and doors leading out to the pool area. PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE THESE ALARMS Florida State Law requires that these alarms must be in use at all times. It is solely your responsibility to keep children under strict supervision in the home and especially around the Pool. Tampering with alarms or removal will cause you to be fined up to $1000.00. The alarms are checked by Villa4UFlorida before your arrival however if you find a fault with the alarms please notify the management company immediately. It is important to keep all windows and doors closed at all times. When relaxing or dining on the pool deck please also keep patio doors closed. The only time when alarms will not be in place is if the pool has a security fence. This must remain up and secured at all times when the pool is not in use. KEY AND ACCESS INSTRUCTIONS 325 Knollwood Drive has a lock box on the exterior of the property by the front door, do not exit by the garage door. When entering simply push the 4 digit code and pull the open switch down to gain access to the key. On departure, please leave the key in the lockbox provided, using the code to open the box. Please do not deadlock the front door and exit the home through the garage. Several doors throughout this home have small thumb locks on the inside please check before leaving that these have NOT been turned. As doors can lock behind you stopping you from getting access to the rooms again. For the internal doors we do supply keys where possible to the back of this folder where there is a pouch on the back cover. Please ensure the key is returned to the pouch if you use this. Should a guest become locked out of the house OR an internal room a locksmith may have to be called and charges may be incurred. Please Note: Villa4UFlorida has the right to enter 325 Knollwood Drive at any time during your stay. Where possible prior notification will be given and a door hanger will be left if we entered premises while you were away. TELEPHONE CALLS For your convenience the owner of this home has set up the phone to dial local and long distance calls to the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico for free. FOR EMERGENCY CALLS ONLY DIAL 911 International telephone calls The phone at this villa is blocked from calling internationally. We do have an unlimited international calls facility which can be set up during your stay for a small fee if you would like this convenient option please contact us. MEDICAL EMERGENCies IN CASE OF A MEDICAL EMERGENCY, PLEASE DIAL 911 If you need an emergency room PLEASE USE THE CELEBRATION HOSPITAL ALONG THE US HIGHWAY 192 turn along Celebration Avenue and follow the H signs into Celebration. EXTRAS If you would like to rent either a BBQ, baby equipment such as a crib/highchair or would like to purchase pool heat after your arrival then please contact us at Villa4UFlorida during business hours on +1 407 965 5093. BBQ / GRILL USE REMINDER Florida Law states that grills cannot be used inside the home. Children must never be allowed to handle the barbeque grills. The grills are to be used between 3 and 5 feet from the house, in an open and well-ventilated location. Charcoal grills are not permitted. If the home does not come equipped with a BBQ you can rent these from Villa4UFlorida. Please call the office during business hours to arrange. These can take 24 hours to schedule Check Out Procedures We hope very much that you have enjoyed your stay here with us at Villa4UFlorida and we know no-one likes to contemplate the end of a vacation, but please take a moment to read through the procedures below as your help would be greatly appreciated. Departure time for guests is strictly 10.00 a.m. unless previously arranged. Cleaners are scheduled to arrive shortly afterwards in readiness for the next guests. If for any reason you have a problem checking out please call our office as soon as possible. please if you could follow these guidelines it would help our team prepare the villa ready for the next guests arrival. Lock the door and leave the key in the lockbox provided, using the code to open the box. Please do not deadlock the front door and exit the home through the garage. Remove all dirty linens from beds and bathrooms, and place in the Laundry Room. This is not compulsory but certainly helps out in preparing the home for the next set of guests All dirty dishes must be placed in the dishwasher and run. All Garbage must be bagged and placed in the trash cans at the side of the house. Lock all windows and doors, turn off appliances, faucets (taps), lights and fans. Ensure that you have all personal belongings staying a few more days? It is possible to extend your stay a few days or even a week or two!! We have a number of quality homes in and around the Disney area. If the home you are staying in is not available we will be able to offer you a suitable alternative. Please check out our website www.villa4uflorida.com or call the office +1 407 965 5093 Lost Property Any lost property that we find is kept for 14 days and then disposed of. If you do believe you have left anything in the property at the end of your stay please contact Villa4UFlorida immediately, do not attempt to go back to the property after you have checked out. Please note that there is a fee for for handling and shipping costs Villa4UFlorida are not responsible for any items left behind. Your property is your responsibility. IMPORTANT TELEPHONE NUMBERS EMERGENCY SERVICES 911 Kissimmee Police Department (non emergency) 407- 846 – 3333 Orlando Police Department Information Line 407 – 246 – 2470 Osceola County Sheriff’s Department 407 – 348 – 2222 Polk County Sherriff’s Department 863 – 534 – 6677 Lake County Sherriff’s department 352 - 343 - 9500 Kissimmee Fire Department 407 – 847 – 0176 Osceola Regional Hospital Kissimmee 407 – 846 – 2266 Kissimmee Memorial Hospital 407 – 846 – 4343 24 hr Pharmacy at 1003 West Vine Street 407 – 847 - 5252 Airport Information (Orlando International) 407 – 825 – 2352 Airport Information (Sanford) 407 – 322 – 9712 Lost & Found at Orlando International 407 – 825 – 2111 airline NUMBERS Air Canada 1 – 800 - 869 – 9000 Air France 1 – 800 – AF PARIS Air Tours 1- 407 – 324 - 1426 Air 2000 1 – 407 – 322 - 4512 American Airlines 1 – 800 - 433 – 7300 (domestic) American Airlines 1 – 800 – 624 – 6262 (international) British Airways 1 – 800 – 247 – 9297 British Midland 1 – 800 - 788 – 0555 Brittania 1 – 407 – 825 - 2137 Continental 1 – 800 – 523 - FARE Delta 1 – 800 – 221 – 1212 Finnair 1 – 800 – 950 – 5000 Japan Airlines 1 – 800 – 525 – 3663 KLM 1 – 800 – 374 – 7747 Monarch 1 – 407 – 322 – 4512 Southwest Airlines 1 – 800 – 351 - 3310 United Airlines 1 – 800 – 241 – 6522 Virgin Atlantic 1 – 800 – 862 - 8621  and an official location to buy tickets for Walt Disney World as well as many more of the Central Florida attractions.

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Every year Villa4UFlorida welcome travellers moving away from the colder weather, the wind, the rain, the snowstorms all in the search for warmer climates, and with every year seemingly getting worse then where better to stay than here in Orlando where we have a permanent summer!

With many guests looking to stay months at a time, we understand that the cost of your stay needs to be right. We are fully versed in offering you a home away from home with affordable, comfortable and relaxing accommodation. Villa4UFlorida have properties perfectly situated in the heart of the states attractions, you can be just 15 minutes away from Walt Disney World and a little over an hour away from either the Gulf coast or the Atlantic ocean.

So please if you are thinking of a place to stay for 4 weeks or more here in Orlando, at any time of the year, get in touch with our reservations team to see which properties we can offer you at a discounted "snow bird" rate to escape the cold harsh weather outside of Florida.

The reservations team can be reached at bookings@villa4uflorida.com or by using the form on our "Contact Us" page or simply call us on +1 407 965 5093 to talk to one of our team about the discounted rates and offers that we have for you here in Orlando.

Terms and conditions do apply, please speak to a reservations coordinator for more information.

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Villa4UFlorida Special Offers - Orlando Balloon Rides

Villa4UFlorida and Orlando Balloon Rides have come together to offer you views of Florida like you've never seen before!

Booking with Villa4UFlorida will guarantee all Adults in your party a discount code with Orlando Balloon Rides.

The Orlando Balloon Rides welcome center is close to all of our homes here in the Disney area and they can take you on a flight that will ascend anywhere from above the tree tops to several thousand feet high. The flight can take approximately an hour and you will get to see anything from the local theme parks, orange groves, forests to swamps.

Open 365 days a year (weather permitting) the sunrise flights depart from many launch sites. Finishing off with a traditional champagne (non - alcoholic beverages also available) toast to celebrate your wonderful adventure after you've landed, giving you plenty of time to head back to your Villa4UFlorida home and lounge by the pool! 

The reservations team can be reached at bookings@villa4uflorida.com or by using the form on our "Contact Us" page or simply call us on +1 407 965 5093 to talk to one of our team about our homes here that we have for you and your party here in Orlando, be sure to ask for your Orlando Balloon Rides code when your reservation is made and do not miss out on this great opportunity to see Florida above the treetops.

Terms and conditions do apply, please speak to a reservations coordinator for more information.

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Villa4UFlorida Extras - BBQ Rental

Is there anything better on a hot summers day than enjoying a cold drink and BBQ with your friends and family, relaxing and dining outside by your very own private pool?

No, not really!

We appreciate that not all of our villas come equipped with BBQs or grills, so Villa4UFlorida has an additional service available to all of our guests for the opportunity of a BBQ rental.

This rental can be for the entire duration of your stay here in the sunshine state or just for a number of nights, the choice is yours, but what better way to accompany your self catering vacation in the Florida sunshine than with an outside grill.

Please ask one of our team here at the Villa4UFlorida office for more details on how to reserve your grill for your stay.

You can reach us at bookings@villa4uflorida.com or by using the "Contact Us" page above. Or simply call us on +1 407 965 5093 to talk to one of our team today.

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